Is it me, or have mani-pedi prices skyrocketed? I tire of paying half my car note for average service at hole-in-the-wall nail salons that find it too easy to take my hard-earned dollars for granted. At bare minimum, I expect prompt attention, friendly customer service, sanitized pedicure bowls and tools and a pleasant atmosphere. I’m just not getting that from typical, ‘round the way nail salons. Are you? 

So help me Google, I needed a new experience. Sassy Nail Salon and Spa in Takoma Park came up in my search for Black owned nail salons in DC. I called. The receptionist was polite and well informed. I went. The nail tech (Lee) treated me with great care. My mani + spa pedi cost $45. 

Three Commandments: Sassy Nail Salon and Spa 

1) Thou shalt take advantage of their free WiFi, fair prices, discounts, extensive color collection - I chose “My Gondola or Yours” from OPI’s Venice collection - and nearby hot spots including Takoma Station (next door) and Evolve Vegan Restaurant (across the street). 

2) Remember: you are exceptional, and normal business hours may not work for you. Sassy has you covered. With 24 hours advance notice, the salon will serve you between 8 PM and 11 PM, Thursday through Saturday. A $20 cover charge plus normal service rates apply. Relax on your own time. 

3) Honor the Sassy commitment to customer service, cleanliness, safety and hygiene. Equipment is sterilized and sanitized after it is used on each client… Word. 


Did I mention that Sassy Nail Salon and Spa is Black owned?

  1. Beautiful Dreamer


Because I'm often asked where I find my athletic gear, this is the first of what might become a series of sportswear reviews (shoes, shirts, pants - you get it) affectionately entitled Three Commandments; my last name is biblical and, because time is currency, brevity is essential. So, take what you read as gospel, or nah. These are just my experiences with randomly selected (hopefully effective) products I encounter throughout my travels. Here's post #1:

Three Commandments: Nike Flex Supreme TR 3

1) Thou shalt not be afraid of this sleek men's shoe with its pink and grey sole. It's great if you're a tall, athletic woman like me looking for more support than most women's shoes and less chunk than men's. You can find the women's version online, but I found these shoes while bargain hunting in the DC Nike Factory store where only the men's shoe is available and on sale for $20.

2) Thou shalt glide, stride, climb on any Cybex Alt Trainer, StairMaster, etc. with confidence. The traction on this shoe is incredible. You shouldn't have to worry about sliding off the machine as you Free Your Mind (see what I did there).

3) Remember to wear uber low-cut, not-so-thick socks. This is a lightweight, airy shoe, almost drafty. I noticed that my feet felt cooler during my workout. Finishing with dry socks is awesome.

Onward and upward!


  1. Free Your Mind (ft. Tarus Mateen)


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